Hôpital Montfort

Role: Production Company

The challenge:

How do we educate the public about the services provided at the new healthcare centre?


Hôpital Montfort (Ontario, Canada)


We worked with the marketing team at Montfort to develop a video that included scripted elements, interview elements, and demonstrated the range of services and facilities available at the new healthcare centre.

We created an animation of the logo for the healthcare centre.

The video was produced bilingually, providing captions in English and French.

The video:

The video was a success. A 12 minute video was produced and distributed through the hospital's social channels, and was picked up by local media agencies and news organizations to disseminate the message to the community.

The video was also used to inform funding partners about the successful completion of the 10-year project, celebrating the opening of the centre after many years work.

Production Stills: