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Your very own production company...

Join the Platinum Production Pass for a continuous journey in exceptional video creation.

This program is exclusively for businesses aiming to stand out in their market, companies with a hunger to grow and crush it with a subscription to top-tier video production services.

Elevate your brand with a steady stream of consistent, high-quality, impactful videos that distinguish you from the competition.

Subscribe & Save

For a fixed monthly fee, the plan offers a more cost-effective solution compared to one-off productions, providing you with better value over time.

Priority Service

As a pass holder, you'll enjoy priority access to our team, ensuring quicker turnaround times for your ongoing video needs.

Expert Integration 

Gain an expert video company, seamlessly integrating with your team, developing a deep understanding of your brand voice and goals.

 Getting started

You tell us...

Your goals and vision

Communicate your brand's vision, objectives, and desired outcomes for the video content.

Your monthly video needs

Outline the quantity and types of videos you require each month to support your marketing efforts (we will help you develop this!)

Your monthly budget

Specify your budget to help us create a cost-effective and efficient video production plan that maximizes value.

We give you...

Consistent, reliable delivery

Videos you need, when you need them. Timely delivery of your content, maintaining the agreed schedule and quality standards.

Personalized video strategy

A tailored strategy that aligns with your vision and goals, ensuring each video we produce meets your specific needs.

Performance analysis

Continuous assessment of the effectiveness of the videos, using insights to guide future content development.

Platinum Lite - Editing only

from $ 1999.00

/ month, 12 month subscription
  • Editing services only
  • Great for companies with archival footage
  • Example outputs:
    4 x 30 second videos each month
  • Limited customization

Platinum Pass

from $ 4999.00

/ month, 12 month subscription
  • Official video production partner
  • One day filming each month
  • Standard Mainspring pre-production
  • Example outputs:
    1 x 2 minute video
    2 x 30s videos each month
  • Customization to meet your needs

Platinum Pass Pro

from $ 7999.00

/ month, 12 month subscription
  • Ultimate video production partner
  • Two days filming each month (2-person crew)
  • Advanced pre-production and creative development
  • Example outputs:
    1 x 3 minute video
    8 x 30s videos each month
  • Complete customization to meet your needs each month

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