Our mission is to motivate audiences and maintain brand movements through the power of video.

mainspring NOUN (Oxford Dictionary)


​1. something that plays a principal part in motivating or maintaining a movement, process, or activity

2. the principal spring in a watch, clock, or other mechanism.

image of the inside of a mechanical watch showing the mainspring and how it functions


Storytelling is everything

Our story begins with a young man's dream to tell stories about the natural world. As he grew older, that passion evolved, and he began telling stories about fascinating people doing incredible things. 

From business owners to people trying to save the planet, our videos grew and became recognized, and Mainspring was born.

The dream has evolved, but the drive has not. Storytelling is everything.

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Our Values

The foundation our video production company is built on.

Create movements

Ensuring the highest possible standards in every aspect of our work, producing content that creates movements.


Upholding transparency, honesty, and ethical practices in all our business dealings.

Environmental responsibility

Committing to being as environmentally sustainable in our productions, and continuing our partnership with ACEER.

Our Promises

Our promises to you.

Motivate audiences

Prioritizing your audience in every decision we make, understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.


Focusing on delivering videos that achieve your desired outcomes, engage your audience, increase brand awareness, and drive action. 

Great people

Great things happen when good people get together. We promise to be great collaborators and to have fun along the way.

The Production Process

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We'll jump on a call and ask you a few more questions about your project to get a good understanding of your company, needs and budget.

Estimate & initial concept

We'll get back to you with an estimate and a high-level strategy for creating your video

Discovery & strategy

We agree to move forward, and begin discovery, learning about your brand, defining our strategy and how we're going to tell your story in the most effective way possible.

Creative development

Scripts, storyboards, casting, wardrobe, all things creative are developed here. We're able to work independently or in tandem with your marketing team.

30% complete

Everything is planned in meticulous details, following our tested in-house processes to make sure your shoot goes to plan: location scouting, gear rentals, booking the crew, sending out call sheets, and obtaining filming permits.

40% complete
Filming your video

Our elite production crews will capture your video in the highest possible quality. Our directors, cinematographers, and sound recordists are world-renowned and industry leaders in video production.

70% complete
Editing & post-production processing

The raw clips for our shoots are transformed into the finished video through editing and post-processing. Titles, graphics, SFX, sound design and colour grading turn your video into a finished masterpiece.


100% complete

Optimization & video management

We optimize your video for organic discovery on any platform, and run paid marketing campaigns, targeting defined audiences, conducting AB testing and providing analytics and insight into the video's performance.

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 We are a multidisciplinary team of award-winning directors, editors, with an extended network of creatives, ready to deliver your project in the highest possible quality, helping you stand out amongst your competitors.

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profile photo of mainspring agency founder and executive director, Ben Hemmings

Ben Hemmings, Executive Director

Founder and executive director, Ben runs the day-to-day business activities, oversees the creative development of video content, and customer experience to ensure the highest quality standards.

profile photo of mainspring agency producer, Melissa Tedesco

Melissa Tedesco, Producer

Melissa is a problem solver with a passion for process. With many years' experience in project management and compliance, she is on top of making sure our projects run as smoothly as possible.

Image representing mainspring's network

Mainspring Creative Network

Our expansive creative network includes award-winning directors, production companies in most major cities, and leading VFX and animation companies. As your one-stop-shop we take care of any outsourcing when required.

you is written in scrabble tiles on a plain blue background


We love creative collaboration with our clients. Depending on your company size and structure, you may have a full marketing team, or it may just be you. Either way, you are a vital part of the creative process and we have years of collaboration with companies just like yours! Get started today and let's create!

profile photo of jack, mainspring agency's chief morale office

Jack, Chief Morale Officer

Arguably the most important team member, Jack is our Chief Morale Officer. He's in charge of keeping everyone upbeat and working in the same direction. When he's not out on walks, he's getting cuddles and treats. He's a good boy.

Tom, Head of Post-Production

Tom is our Head of Post-Production. He works with our production team on developing creative, and is in charge of our post-production, overseeing editing, VFX, animation, SFX, sound design, colour correction, and delivery.

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