Town of Perth

Role: Video Agency

The challenge:

How can we attract new businesses and young families to Perth?


Town of Perth (Ontario, Canada)


We started by defining the marketing approach we wanted to take. We came up with the call to action "Embrace the Move" which we used across the campaign to create a cohesive campaign that spoke directly to the viewer.

We decided to create two targeted videos, one for each of the target demographics. 

We wrote four 30 second commercials for each video, targeting different demographic groups that we had identified with the client, and then stitched them together into two 2 minute videos.

This approach maximized the number of assets and reach that Perth could achieve with their campaign.

The Video:

Initial feedback is that the videos have been a massive success. The client, their funders and partners all thrilled with the messaging and quality of the videos.

The videos were completed in December 2023 and as the campaign is ongoing we are yet to receive metrics on their effectiveness at attracting young families and businesses to the town.

Production Stills: