The Connections Series

Role: Video Agency

The challenge:

How can we encourage domestic tourism through storytelling?


Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization (Canada)


"The Connections Series"

After initial consultation with the client, we decided to create a series of short documentaries with locals who have inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and making a different in their communities. The storytellers should work in tourism, or be tourism-adjacent, so a campaign can be built around the series, with the videos being the focal point of the series, and the brand being subtly integrated into the videos.

The Videos:

The campaign was a resounding success. It won the innovation award at the Tourism Industry Awards ceremony in Ontario, and further marketing awards at

Content Marketing Awards and Skift Idea Awards. The individual films also won

numerous film festival awards. The “Connected to Water” film won Official

Selection at The Outdoor Film Festival, Paddling Film Festival, and the

Waterwalker Film Festival, and a Gold at the Telly Awards. It was also picked

up by Paddling Magazine and numerous other publications across Ontario.

The end-of-campaign results from the client were:

• 35,525 referrals to operators
• 430,724 organic views
• 224,566 video views

Production Stills: