One Tree Planted

Role: Production Company

The challenge:

How can we increase donations to our Andes project?


One Tree Planted (USA)


"The Andes Project"

We have been working with One Tree Planted since 2018 on a regular basis, and they asked us to create an impactful video to help fundraise for their Andes project.

After a lot of pre-production, we decided to create a short sizzle video showcasing the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and emphasizing the impact on the communities where the trees are being planted.

The Video:

The result was a 3 minute video with powerful imagery and impact statements from the on-the-ground partner.

The video was directly responsible for a single donation of $1m USD, as well as being used to fundraise for many years, often being used as the leading asset by their sales team, in their marketing and during public appearance for many years.

In 2022, One Tree Planted had a first-time donor commit a million dollars, stating the reason they wanted to get involved was the Andes video. Overall, working with Mainspring has not only built the brand and voice of One Tree Planted, but has provided an authentic and impactful way for us to tell stories to a global audience and inevitably has helped us raise millions of dollars for reforestation.
​​- Rachel Greenman, Director of Philanthropy, One Tree Planted

Production Stills: